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The Li Fanwen number and four corners codes are taken from Li Fanwen's Tangut-Chinese Character Dictionary (1997 and 2008 editions). The meanings generally come from the same source, although sometimes I have made my own annotations.

General background on the Tangut characters along with information on the varieties of recursive codes can be found in my honours thesis. A general introduction to the characters is available on pages 3-6. Information on the four corners method is on pages 8-12. The recursive codes are developed on pages 13-19. There are also tables of the recursive codes with various sort orders on pages 64-73.

The keywords are a single word used to tag the character. Usually this reflects the English meaning of the character. It may reflect the pronunciation of the character for transcription characters.

The Tangut Yinchuan font used in this website can be downloaded from Babelstone.

Regular expressions can be used in input fields. A few reminders:
^ (starts with), $ (ends with), \b (word boundary), (?i) case-insensitive, escapes: \[, \{, \], \}
Either of two matches: (?:64|77), both of two matches: (?=.*77)(?=.*64)
? (zero or one matches), * (one or more matches)
Further information on regular expressions can be obtained from www.regular-expressions.info

The phonetic information shown in the search results is Gong Hwangcherng's reconstruction, as shown in Li Fanwen's dictionary.
Concordance information is taken from the Tangut legal texts and reflects my PhD work, building on top of Kychanov's publication of the "New and Reformed Law Codes" (Vol.4, 1989).

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